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Book 3 Chapter 8

I know when I emerge out I am very bold. I see. I know. I feel. I think. When I do come out against something or for it I am usually extremely passionate. I was asked a few years ago to start covering court room stories for certain people of the Law world. I agreed to go simply because it was a job that I felt I could get into. What I saw when I went to my first Court room house case as an adult, the case was not ok in my eyes. I watched cases through out the day and took notes as all the cases were heard before 3 judges on Pearl Street of that Courthouse. The things I heard turned my stomach. Not so much the issues of the cases presented, but the lack of professionalism and knowledge on the behalf of some of the Lawyers prosecuting the case. They, the Prosecuting Lawyers were going up against the likes of Washington D.C. Lawyers; Prosecuting Lawyers who had no business in the Court Room let alone as a sophomore in Law School. Let me explain why before you comment, continue reading please.

How can you possibly go to court with out an idea of how you are going to give a proper rebuttal ( ) In a Constitutional case if you don’t know the ins and outs of Constitutional law and you don’t bother do your research incase one of the Amendments is not a good defense for your client.

This case from Pearl Street, well, it was a romper room of romper rooms with an ill prepared Lawyer representing 7 clients against Lawyers that were protecting the likes of John Ashcroft. ( ) and Lawyers for the jail in Brooklyn are only 2 of the people that were being sued by Detainees in GitMo this day. Though the case may have been valid enough, the Prosecuting Attorney ( ) for the Detainees, seemed if she was still a paralegal who needed a Law book thrown at her to give her a clue of the reality of the importance of the case. There were individual lawyers of course for the likes of Ashcroft and the Prison. There was one Lawyer representing the Detainees. I am still sitting on the story as you can see because I am not sure the research is done enough for the people as of yet, however to continue upon the Romper room saga…

The girl had council sitting at the table with her and behind her, but she is the one who was defending the case before the three Judges. She kept trying to stand upon the 4th Amendment rights of Illegal Search and Seizure.

Amendment IV (1791)
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probably cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Now this is all fine and dandy for such actions, if one is an American citizen. These men, that were arrested and now are in GitMo, were walking around the World Trade Center openly and with out any thought to the situation of 9-11, with in days after the towers fell. Now I am not saying that they should not have been there but 4 out of the 7 men had legal illegal paperwork for them to work here; I Mean their papers were legal, but they were not. This should have and could have become an INS issue for 4 out of the 7 men, not an issue of 4th Amendment rights. The fact that these men were here illegally working with legal papers makes you wonder why they were here illegally in the first place and where did they get the legal papers? Also what were the other 3 men, who were here on legal papers, doing with these 4 men that were not here legally? It also begs the question if they were entitled to the American dollars spent on their council if they were not from this country? Shouldn’t their country have to pay for this? Why are we left paying the bill for 4 illegals that were here on legal illegal paperwork, taking away American jobs from the American people? Oh and it was a high alert time so honestly, no one can blame the local law enforcement here to do a bit of profiling, they were of similar characteristics of what we know of the terrorist in our limited educational allowance for the daily reports from people like Faux News and CNN.

When I was asked to attend this hearing, my mind was not prepared for what I heard or saw. There are too many here that took the Citizenship test, too many here that need jobs, there are too many here that have been lied to for far too long. I recognize that my ‘Unpatriotic attitude’ will get me into trouble one day.

I, at this point, I do not care. Haul me off to the Jail. I want to scream from the empire states building, “America, Question. What the Fuck? Why?” How can the American public possibly say that if they don’t know the truth? So I have to be fair and report the truths that have been given to me to see. I will say if there is an American citizen who reads my work and follows the links to see what has been presented, does not say to their Government that they employ, “Listen Asshole, we need to talk.” Then it is not the fault of mine but theirs. It is only my responsibility to report the truth I find, not decide it.

I see what the Government is doing to us. How they teach us. I am listening to Immortal Techniques ‘Point of no return.’ ( ) I can not back out from what I say because what I see is destroying this country at the very being of our core. At this point it would be futile. What I speak, for Christ sake, it is the way I feel. Am I not entitled to that? I want an answer God Damn It. Why have I plowed the trenches only to have no return? Why should the keeper reap the benefits of my being, my work? Let me tell you, Rap has created a lot of anger in me. It has driven me in a good way. The anger I feel when I am listening to rappers like Immortal Technique and Eminem, they empower me. They empower my place in the world. Even with all I have been trough I feel that they have been through 10 times worse. I question…Who I am, what I am? Where do I fit in this world? Will I make my mark?

I am lucky, my skin tone is white, I just look appropriate. I fit in when I have to. With most not knowing I will post the story that will make people question their placement of where they are. With my Tats and black ghetto booty I fit in to a point, until I have to interact. Then my mouth gets the best of me.

I have earned my tats, never forget that. My tats define me in a way. I have the trinity on my arm, a memory on my ankle of where I never want to be again, and a black rose that drips blood on my back. As you can see in this documentary. I will only show my trinity Tat. Why? I want people to judge me by what I represent and write not what I look like.

In the world of the Court room you see yourself so much. I am supposed to keep an objective mind at this point. How do you do that? When you hear the travesties that are presented, the pain that is happening, and the nonsense of the destruction of people that so few know?
It is a difficult issue for me to keep my objective as that of a reporter. I have feelings, I know things. I see things. It pains me the people on the street who are forgotten. I can never forget them. How inhumane can you be to forget them? It is humanity that allows others to live. It is humanity that allows us to live. What if the powers that be did just leave us there? With our educational system we are entitled to Bad council, bad representation unless we can afford the price tag. We would flounder at this. We would be destroyed. We loose as a species. We will become lost in this freedom if we do not learn to stand up for it.

I listen to certain music because of how it affects me. My roomie knows if Rammstein ( ) is on, I am not in the mood to talk. I am too angry at that point to approach. I am a radical at that time and nothing logical is going to come through. I can’t explain it. I just know. Sometimes you just know.

Please be patient here, even though the next few paragraphs seem out of whack with the above topics on the court I tie them together.

You get to a point in your life where you know you have to make a stand. You have to make this stand to make sure you are true to the people around you. Honestly you can not say you will provide food and shelter if you can not establish it.

Please let me give an example. With my books I have a few proofreaders; they get the royalties of the books I write. In no way shape or form are they asking for money, it is a gift. I give all my proofers 1% of the profits off the life of the books I put out. Does not seem like a lot at first but let’s say this book makes 1 million. 1% of that million is still ten grand. That is a bit of gas or food. They know this, the proofers, as do I. For one thousand a month I can pay all my house bills. For Christ sake, I live in NY for that point. If I can make it on less than a grand a month, so can anyone else anywhere else in the world. I am sure they can figure out where to put that extra money even if it is only $200 extra a month. That is gas or some food or maybe a trip to a restaurant.

When you look at that statement alone…

‘I am sure they can figure out where to put that extra money even if it is only $200 extra a month. That is gas or some food or maybe a trip to a restaurant.’

That is a sad statement to make, very sad. Why should America have to suffer from the politicians who have been leading her? What is the point? If the politicians destroy the people who elected them then there will be no one left in America to do the jobs they don’t want to do. You know, blue collar work, the blood of America, the heartbeat that keeps this country running? I guess that if all the Wally worlds were to shut down we would have to let go of the workers from another countries and put jobs back in America.

Why, as Americans have we not questioned more? Why did we elect someone who we wanted who promised so many changes, people believed in him? We, as a nation, elected a Freshman Senator into the White House with out a second thought, a second glance. Did any one bother to check his voting records or bother to see that the stimulus plan was presented long before he was in Office? He was part of the original write ups for it and wanted to get it past when lil bush was in office.

He promised so much, offered change. Only to create a change that could very well destroy this country. Yet we sit back and clap at the shiny things that are presented to us, only hoping there will be food on the table tomorrow. Or that we can send our kids to school tomorrow with out concern that they will not be educated well because they can not pay the teachers anymore or that the books are so old that it dates back to the publication time of George Washington being in office. I have never cared for Mr. Obama; I can not and will not ever call him President. I will not. There is something dirty there. At least you know where I stand with the current administration, don’t worry, I care not for the President since Carter was in office.
I am sure some will find this disrespectful but to be very honest. I have no respect for a man who stated very clearly he would never run for office of President when being caught off guard with a Reporter who questioned him after a Senate hearing on lil bush I believe. I don’t care for a man who has no issue of Plagiarism, I work to hard to find my words to write and come together. I also believe his ability to vote to impeach lil bush when he could, was not used for a yeah or a nay, in other words he did not vote. Same with Miss. Clinton. We are all so happy Clinton is there yet here is the thing, am I the only one who remembers the nightmare that happened during something called the white water scandal I believe. A lot of people conveniently died after all that work came out. Or how about the fact that the man who was elected into Office will not share his birth certificate with the American People. We hired him, he did not hire us. We are his employer, not vice versa. Why is he above questioning? Is it because he is a Malato? He is half black, half white. He is not a full blooded African American, as a matter of a fact; I am not even sure if he is an African American. I believe the only ones who should use that term, are the Americans who came from Africa over here.

So many things in life can change in an instant. We so often forget this. We forget our place in this world that a larger part of the world controls us. That what we put in this life comes out in our being. We forget we have a mind and allow all to control us with their beliefs. We have forgotten to listen to those little things in our lives that are an edge in our system. We allow this corruption to exist because we exist stagnant on certain parts of our lives. We make the paths we are on to choose our paths and go where they lead us.

How does all this connect you may be asking? Our education system is a representation of our future. If a Lawyer does not know the Constitution to defend 7 men before 3 judges correctly, then what does that say about us as a nation as a whole being? If it is ok for the man who holds the highest office in the Nation is above questioning, what is the Constitution for? If we know this is happening, why haven’t we stopped it?

Remember what I say, question everything as this concludes our bookcast blogcast day. You are not free to move about the cabin space provided.

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