Thursday, October 29, 2009

Book 3 Chapter 9

Upon my journey in life I have found that most people suck. They are only in it for themselves, for their own gain. Their own purpose. I have met so many on that level here in NYC and around the USA. As I listen to my music I pull up Eminem’s, ‘Never Enough’. I understand his words. See I am one of those odd people that believe. What brought this rant on? People not keeping their word.

This week I fell behind. This is never a good thing. A lot of things happened in the week to create this situation. I was going to make this a bitching chapter but I can’t. Some people when they come into your life, you often wonder why you allow them there. Time is a thing that teaches you how to hold on. To endure the hurdles placed before us and people come in and out of our lives on a daily basis and we never really see how much they mean to us.

My every dream in the world is coming true. To be a known writer before I die. Do you know how many writers of the past who would have given their right eye teeth for this opportunity? This chance? They would rage against the machine to be in this time space of reality of what is presented for the freelance artist to have contact with in such a way to reach almost every corner of the world, big or small. Some how it can reach them, and if the words can’t the reaction can. This gift, any writer would give their very soul for, such as Dante as he enters into the inferno.

I am so blessed. The people who have come and past me in my life, the places the I have been. Where I sit now. I can go see the Statue of Liberty any day of the week I wish. So many died to see that gift and here she is, for me to go see upon a whim of the day and 5 dollars to pay the toll. What a blessing and gift. So few can not see this. If it were not for the people in my life today, I would not be where I am. You know who you are, you know who you are not.

I know this is a short chapter, but I fell behind. I am covering a protest that is taking a bit of my time and I have not had much time to write on the computer. So please bear with, the A train passed by my house the other day and I got a 2 day pass to Manhattan. They let me out of my room to see the carnage on the streets right now in Manhattan…So if you don’t hear from me in a few days. I do promise, the A train will deliver me home safe again soon after we are done outracing the worm that we picked up from the Hudson.

As this concludes our short, uncyndicated blogcast, bookcast day.

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